Question New PC ---- GPU light on but PC won't boot and no fans spinning ?

Jun 9, 2022
Hi Building a new PC this isnt my first time, but I am running into an Issue.
When all hooked up, GPU light turns on, but when I press power nothing happens, tried shorting the Pins on the MoBo for boot, but still nothing.
Plugged in a working PSU same result, GPU light, no boot. Is my MoBo DOA? I have no way to test the CPU since my current rig is AMD and this Rig im working on is Intel. Replaced the Ram with good ram no change.

CPU : Intel 10100f
GPU : Nvidia 1650
Ram : 16gb HyperX
MoBo : MSI Z490-A Pro
PSU : Corsair CX-M Series, CX650M, Modular Power Supply, 80 Plus Bronze
Storage : Samsung 980 SSD 1TB NVME m.2

I cant figure out what im doing wrong, All Power connectors were plugged in, even unplugged and replugged them in twice to make sure, Pins when shorted do not boot either.

I Send MoBo Back to Amazon incase it is DOA, they are sending me a new one. In the meantime any advice or help is appreciated.

Nine Layer Nige

Is the mobo shorting out perhaps because of a loose screw in the case ?
Have you check all connections ?
What make/model of GPU, does it require additional power cable ?
Take one stick of ram out and try in the primary slot only.