Question New PC - Graphics Troubleshooting


Oct 11, 2017
Hello all-

I pieced together pretty much a brand new PC. All new motherboard (MSI X370 GAMING PRO CARBON), video card (the 1080TI), RAM (Gskill ripjaw V), CPU (I7 AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz) and power supply. Hence why I'm worried that one of the pieces is defective, which would be hard for me to diagnose alone since I don't have a stable baseline. I first noticed the issue while playing multiple videos on different screens, or a game on one and a video on the other. A short freeze and stuttered buzzing sound (half a second) happened, like running over the rumble strip on the highway. Most games would play alright, with it only happening briefly and occasionally in the Division 2 when I brought up the map menu which plays an animation to populate the city grid. Then I downloaded league of legends to play with a friend, and the issue was constant and prominent. I recorded a few screen captures and clips from my cell phone here!iupHXCBS!DV-RrZU_4GThIlnlzjofwA along with my dxdiag and some crash dump info for LoL in case it was specific to that program. After that, I started experiencing crashing in the Division 2 when loading into certain areas with other players. Since the issue was seemingly getting worse I was afraid something was overheating so I downloaded a diagnostic tool to show CPU/GPU temperature and usage during play. The GPU temperature would reach ~55°C before the GPU fan kicked on, knocking the temp back down. And when the stuttering occurs, the GPU usage seems to spike, but only slightly ~10%, never going past like 60% total usage which seems plenty cool enough.

I've run displayport fix, tried all combinations of plugging in dual monitors and a single monitor from the video card HDMI/DPs ports, and reinstalled all the drivers. Unfortunately the issue persisted. Games started to crash more consistently, or the video would cut out occasionally going to a black screen for a few seconds before showing the desktop as if I alt-tabbed (shown in some videos on the mega link). A few more seconds later, the game would re-maximize/fullscreen.

I found an old spare AMD Radeon HD 6950 and plugged it in and stress tested it with a few games and it is running fine. Granted I can't boot up Division 2 with it and it seems to chug 7 days to die max graphics at ~15 fps. It runs subnautica max graphics surprisingly well, and is fine running multiple screens with many youtube videos open and me constantly start/stopping the play which would crash the 1080TI. While I was testing with the youtube videos, I thought I heard that same buzzing rumble strip sound once but it could have been my imagination since I played like 3 hours without issue. So before I activate my RMA/warranty on the video card, I want to be more certain that the video card is the issue. I was going to visit a friend and plug the 1080TI into his PC and stress test it with a couple games.

I'd love to hear if I'm on the right track, or if there is any other things I should try. Or if someone sees an obvious incompatability in my system. Thank you!