New PC (GTX570, i5 2500k) - monitor won't turn on


Sep 13, 2011
I just got my new system - it was assembled in a store and i chose the parts.

GTX570, i5 2500k, 8gb ram and asus motherboard.

It came without windows, so when I tried to install and booted the pc, everything seems to work..

....everything BUT the screen which wont turn on. PC boots normally, but the screen is just "off"..

I tried to plug in via DVI and VGA both directly to the gpu and into the motherboard, it didn't help.

the screen works fine on my older pc btw.

what am i missing? what can this be? maybe I should pull out the gtx570 and try booting with the onboard gpu?

also, i have a usb3 connector that sticks from the back of the case ( the usb pin) i have no idea why its there i never seen something like it... maybe its something to do with that?

thanks in advance


+1 definitely make sure that ALL the required power connectors for the graphics card are connected.