Question New PC Hard Crashing in Games

May 18, 2019
Hi guys,

Built a new PC a few days ago, seemingly ran okay at first but if I run any games (tried Overwatch, Apex legends so far) it hard crashes one or two games in, no reboot. I know it sounds like a power issue but I think the PSU is sufficient.

Here are the specs, all components brand new:

Intel i7-8700k
Corsiar LPX 3200C16 16GB
Asus TUF Z390 Gaming WiFi
MSI RTX 2080Ti Gaming X Trio
Aerocool P7-750W Platinum

Initially had OCed to 4.8ghz and XMP, ran bunch of Prime95 to make sure it was stable. During troubleshooting I reset CMOS so CPU is back to stock speeds with memory running at 2133mhz.
Also tired a full reinstall of Nvidia drivers using DDU.

Did a hwinfo64 log until the point it crashed (from desktop->starting overwatch->crashing):

Can definitely rule out thermals, CPU and GPU running well within limits.

I can borrow another power supply from a friend to try in a couple of days but apart from that I'm pretty stumped, any ideas? Are there any tools that I can use to rule out things like memory and motherboard?


What OS are you on and what version? I would ask you to look through the BIOS version of your motherboard. See if there are any BIOS updates pending. You should borrow a PSU that is at of better build quality but is capable of outputting at least 600W of power to the entire system(sans an overclock) to rule out your unit is the cause.

Also by crash do you mean the game exits to desktop?