New Pc hardware old hard drive


Feb 24, 2012
So i recently decided to build a computer since my old hp decided to crash. I put it together last night and it turned on just fine. When it tried to boot it said that windows was shut down improperly and it gave me the option to start it normally or run a repair diagnostic. I just went with normal run and a few seconds into the loading it crashes with a flash of blue screen then restarts itself. When i tried the repair diagnostic it runs awhile then says that i need to revert to a working version of my hard drive so i click on that and it flashes blue screen then restarts just the same.

The problem in my old computer was that my peripherals were not drawing power half the time from the mob or they were drawing power they just werent connected. Could this be my hard drive or is it a driver problem? Help please lol

Boot Safe Mode - Select "Disable automatic Restart on System Error"
You will at least then be able to see the stop code on the blue screen to research. Unfortunately they are usually general and caused by varying hardware/software/memory problems.
At a minimum you'll need to do a REPAIR installation in order to boot -- since the new MOBO and the old MOBO probably use different chipsets there is no way the old HDD will boot with the new system without uninstalling all of the old drivers and installing the ones for the new hardware -- Which is what a Repair install will do -- In reality the best practice is to reformat and reinstall the OS directly from the installation disk instead so that you do not have stability problems if old parts of the old device drivers etc. are left installed. Also be sure you have the product key off of the old install before attempting this since you will need to reactivate the installation afterwards since it will be seen as a major change to the hardware (and if the install was an OEM version you may need to purchase a new copy of windows - the OEM install is tied to the MOBO of the system it was first installed on and dies with that system according to the license terms (though sometimes a call directly to MS and explaining the old hardware died will get them to issue you a new license but it is not required for them to do so !)