New pc, hdmi & monitor issues


Jan 22, 2013
Hello, I have just built a new PC, which I havent done in ages. All seem OK except for the following 2 issues:

1. Slight horizontal flickering at the sides of the monitor. Only seems to happen playing a game (minecraft & planetside 2 so far, these are the only games ive played). My monitor is Asus VE247 H. Its connected to my graphics card (evga gtx 670 4gb ftw) via a vga cable. I havent had time to have a good look at a solution but i read one post about not having it plugged into a multi plug extension adapter?

2. My second issue follows on from the 1st. I tried connecting my monitor to my graphics card via a hdmi cable. There wasnt one supplied so i used my xbox hdmi cable. Fits fine into the monitor hdmi port, but doesnt seem to go into the graphics card hdmi port. The plug and port look exactly the same size and shape though. This is the same issue with another hdmi cable i use for my dvd/tv.


Seems a waste to connect the card to the monitor via the old analog VGA port anyway. Always go digital when you can. Strange the HDMI doesn't fit, tho. I always prefer the DVI connection anyway. Try that.