New PC inquiry


Jan 3, 2013
Hello guys, I am currently using a AMD Turion II P520 Dual Core 2.3ghz laptop from HP so you prolly know how fustrated I am when i play games and use softwares like AutoCad and stuff. Anyways, I'm looking to get myself a new pc and was hoping the community can help me out with some questions. First off, my budget is $1200, should I go for the i7 3770k or i5 3570k, these are the 2 that talked about the most on forums I looked at that are good for gaming, or if you guys have any better suggestions please tell me. Secondly GPU, a Nvidia GTX 670 or 650? because my budget is low, I cant really decide. I will be doing some film editing, 3D modeling and most of all gaming. Looking to play games like Guild Wars 2, Tera, Farcry 3 that sorta stuff. Oh and Im living in Toronto, so anyone know any good place to purchase? I checked Canada Computers and Newegg, they are both good pricing, but i would say Newegg is a bit cheaper. Any other suggestions? Please help guys! Thanks