Question New PC keeps crashing (freezing) and won’t turn on after the crash

Apr 5, 2020
Hello everyone,

I recently build a PC(will list components below), no issues with the building, small difficulties with installing windows but everything turned out fine. I was able to use the PC without any issues for the first 2 days or so, it ran smooth/fast and gave no issues whatsoever. Suddenly the PC crashed as I got a ‘blue screen’ (no errorcode whatsoever) that states something was wrong with the system and it would be restarted. After this the PC got stuck in the booting screen (I first waited about 20min) so I turned it off manually and tried to turn it on again. But when I tried to turn it on it would get stuck in a loop of starting my RGB and fans than shutting down and starting again (I also didn’t get the beep noise it normally made when starting). I took out some parts (gpu, ram and other pins) put them back and the problem seemed to be fixed. But about an hour later my PC froze (not giving me the screen as last time) I shut it down and the whole process started again. This repeated itself about 4/5 times. Then I got a message from windows saying the system had been damaged and needed to be repaired, I clicked the repair option and everything seemed fine again. I was able to use my pc for another 15min or so until it this time black screened and as always refused to turn on again. In that 15min I did check crystaldiskinfo and my ssd was marked as ‘good’ condition. If anyone has any suggestions it would be massively appreciated, if you’d like some more details to help me out please let me know and I’ll make sure to provide it, thanks!

Cpu: intel I5-9400F
Gpu: msi geforce gtx 1650
Mobo: Asus prime h310m-e r2.0
Ram: corsair vengance 8gb
Ssd: kingston ssdnow 480gb
Psu: bequiet 400w