Question New PC . MY COOLING is good?

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Jun 18, 2019
Amd and Intel are competition. They've been arguing for far too many years as to which way is better. Intel settled on performance over temps, if the cpu says 4.4GHz turbo, that's what you get, but you better have a good cooler or temps skyrocket into the 90's. So naturally AMD does it backwards to that design and favor temps over performance. The 3700x Will boost to 4.4GHz, if you have the cooler for it, if you don't, when temps hit above 70ish, you get 4.3GHz. If temps would hit 80ish, it'll only boost to 4.2GHz etc. Intel doesn't care if you cook the cpu, AMD does.

So if you get temps of 80ish with the Prism, you're likely about 4.1-4.2 GHz. The Noctua NH U12S is a superior cooler and when seeing temps of 80ish,your cpu is more likely at 4.3-4.4GHz instead.

It's a different way of looking at things. AMD will continue boosting upto maximum as long as temps are OK, Intel will downclock if temps are not ok (ok according to Intel, not you)
Thanks I got your point


Honestly negagive/positive pressure is pretty much a fallacy.

A fan blade moving through air creates a low pressure area directly behind it, the byproduct being air forced away from the blade. Spin it fast enough and you get the intake/draw side and exhaust side of the fan. The draw is strongest closer to the blades, but one characteristic is that the draw is easiest from a higher pressure area. For a rear exhaust, that tends to be any open fan vents, the area around the fan that's not sealed, the pcie slots at the back etc. The front intake fans are far enough away that there's very little pressure, if any.

This means that with lower rpm at idle, you'll have a more negative system and at higher rpm a positive system, regardless of actual cfm. A fan at low rpm doesn't move much air, very low cfm and pressure.

The other consideration being that a pc isn't sealed, there's plenty of gaps, grills, cracks etc and this allows pressure equalization inside the case from outside. It'd take sealing up the case fully to prevent that from happening. It's why a rear/top rear fans setup is more effective for flow than just rear, unless there's no fan slot, like the Meshify C or R5/6 with the top on. Open fan slots next to other exhaust fans destroy actual flow at lower rpm.