Question New pc, Need help carrying games from Old pc to new! Question

Nov 30, 2020
Hi all :>

This might be the wrong thread but i wasnt sure where else.

Im building a new pc and i have a secondary internal 3.5 HDD that i have alot of my games on from my old pc.

Is there a way to be able to take all the games on it and plug in and use that HDD on my new pc without having to format or having everything need to be erased?

There is no vital files like sys 32 or windows or drivers on this 2nd Hard drive :p. Just game files.

Its not so much a download issue, but alot of the games have save points id prefer to continue with.

Is it as simple as just plug n play?

Thanks :>
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Cloning is possible but wouldn't consider it if destination is a different system.

If games are associated from 3rd party platforms, ie Steam then can just copy the entire apps folder. Copy back apps folder next time steam is reinstalled. Steam would then sort your games.

Regarding saves, these will have to be located and stored and put back later after the game is launched so it recreates the folders. Don't copy them over before hand. Often games use my documents folder to save progress. If not there, a quick search on the specific game and where it saves should help you find.

Any games installed to the os directly, ie DVD, will have to be reinstalled from scratch. But save files can be stored and returned nonetheless.
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