Question New pc, on boot will not go off the ‘MAG’ boot screen. What do I do?

Dec 31, 2020
New parts, black screen on startup but everything seems to be fine. What do?

Today I received a new b550M MSI MAG WiFi mobo with an r7 5800x and new ram.

At first I booted into bios and everything was up fine, all fans spinning etc, but my disk drive wasn’t picking up the boot media.

I swapped my display port leaf to another socket in the gpu to see if it made a difference.

Then I went for dinner, downloaded install media onto usb instead and now when I turn my pc on I get no video signal. I looked at my graphics card and I must’ve nudged the card and forgotten to put the screw in because it was slightly misaligned in the io shield.

I put it back and screwed it in but I’m getting no signal.

I doubt the card is broken, all it was that misaligned was the card moving in the PCIE a bit. I have been doing a lot of turning the pc on and off at the PSU and on the front panel to get back to the post screen but I doubt that would’ve effected it.

EDIT: I just took pulled the stubborn display port cable out and I heard a crack/pop sound that sounded like my gpu, should I be wary?

I opened my case and although everything is fine, the ez debug led for my cpu is now on even though 10 minutes ago it came up as being fine in bios, and now it can’t even post...

what do I do?