New PC! Open to suggestion.


Apr 17, 2009
Hey y'all!
I'm looking to build a new PC, as the box I built back in '04 gave up the ghost last week.
Anyway! I've put together a parts list and am looking for some feedback on my choices! I hadn't upgraded my old box in any way, so I've been out of the computer building circle for a very long time... Somewhat lost as to all the new shinies that have become available.
So...without further rambling...Here's what I've come up with so far!

Mobo ~

(And Arctic Silver 5, of course)

CPU Cooler ~

Vid card ~

Ram ~

HD ~

Haven't dealt with a Modular PSU before. I like the idea of not having too many unneeded cables hanging around. Also concerned about the cables being long enough to reach throughout the Antec 1200.

Case ~
Large, but very pleasing in the cooling department. I had temp problems in my last box, don't want a repeat.

DVD / CD drive ~



Oct 3, 2008
Decent build, but you chose a crossfire board, and a pretty hefty psu. You have the option to double up video cards in the future, but you wouldn't be able to do it with an Nvidia card.

If you do consider dual cards in the future, then that psu is a decent choice, but i would recommend something like an ATI 4800/4700 series card.

If you don't plan to double up your vid card, then you might as well get the single slot gigabyte motherboard, and a cheaper psu.
^+1 for Kevin

CPU + Mobo

But if you want a gaming as well an all-round PC, I would suggest the x3 720 + 790 chipset combo...

RAM - Same PI Black


Graphics card - More than you expected...

CPU Cooler - Doesn'T look as good as the Zalman but performs better than that...

CASE + PSU - Do you require a Full Tower ???
Here is the litle brother of the 1200...Should be as good as the 1200 for your setup...

Total - $968
His choice of components would cost him $973...
So what do you think ??? ;)


Sorry for the late rep gkay... nice point about the full tower (those things are huge). :) Looking good all the way, though I would replace the 4890 with the more budget-friendly 4870.

So what have you settled on FuzzDesign?
Well yes..the 4870 1GB is a good option as is the GTX 260 Core 216...
Both are available for more or less the same price in newegg...

But the reason I had suggested the 4890 is that the mobo has a single pcie slot so going with a single powerful card that he can afford would make sense...


Apr 17, 2009
Eesh, busy week... Many thanks for the replies, everyone!

r_maniac ~ Thanks for the link! Great discussion on that thread mate. I'm not a huge gamer, use my PC for mostly photo editing and 2-D design. (occasional WoW player, as well. :heink:) Thanks again, your thread gave some great insight.

Kevin ~ Thank you for pointing out the crossfire slots. Slightly embarrassed to say I hadn't noticed that!

Gkay ~ Great list! Much appreciated, some great combos there too. Currently running out of a full tower, but hey if I can get comparable air flow in a smaller case (and for a better price) there's no way I'll argue that. *laughs*
Think I'm going to go for this build, many thanks to y'all again for the suggestions. (+1 all)

(thinking of throwing this in, too )
Tired of burning my eyes out with my old monitor... *laughs*


Point taken gkay, especially with the display Fuzz wants. And trust me Fuzz, if you're now enjoying your new build, or once you get it, you'll continue burning your eyes out from over-use :D