Question New PC Problems

May 26, 2019
Hia, im currently having allot of problems building my new pc.
Specifically i cant seems to even get into the BIOS. It seemingly doesn't seem to send anything to my monitor.
Upon being boot up the pc makes a single 'Beep' sound. Some websites say this is normal, others say this is a ram problem. Cant find the specific error code for it since the website which SHOULD contain the error codes cant be accessed (some 'cloudflare' issue)
I have double checked everything including the ram slot and cant switch 'output' (motherboard only has a single hdmi slot), ive even taken out the BIOS battery in hopes that it would reset some things but no results.

(ive tried contacting customer support but its been like 3 days - yay)

My PC (or my disgracefull attempt at a pc) is as follows:

Motherboard: z370p d3
CPU: I3-8100
Ram: HP Z9H59AT (4gb) - (one single stick is being used)
Power supply is 500w so there shouldn't be issues there.
SSD can be connected however not much point since it makes the same sound beep/lack of screen both with or without the drive.
NO GPU for now

If anyone has any experience or any advice/guesses with this please let me know, as the only thing i can think of at this moment is that theres something wrong with my ram stick.
Welcome to the forums Athos!

This is a Gigabyte AMI UEFI BIOS board - so 1 short beep means a MEMORY error.
It's the AWARD BIOS where 1 beep is normal start.

Try the module in another slot first and see if the issue persists.
I can't find any HP modules on the QVL - this doesn't mean it definitely isn't compatible, but it could be an indicator. QVLs are rarely completely up to date with all memory modules.

If the issue persists, I would return the RAM module.
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May 26, 2019
Hia, thx for the response.
i've tried sticking the ram into multiple slots with no luck.
Ill be headed out tomorrow i guess to see if i can pick up a new ram stick.
Not a big deal, i was worried i messed up one of the more expensive parts.
Thx for the help anyways!