NEW PC - Randomly Blacks Out & Installed Programs Will Stuff Up


Jul 11, 2011
Hey Guys, ive just got back into gaming and i built a new pc to handle the newer games but im having a problem..

CPU - i5 2500k sandy ( Not Overclocked )

MOBO - ASUS Sabertooth p67

RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8GB, Dual Chan, 1.5v, 1600MHz 8-8-8-24 ( Not Overclocked )

GPU - 2x XFX HD6850's in Crossfire ( Not Overclocked )

HDD - 2x OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD's in RAID 0 (Windows 7 x64 installed) , 1x 2T WD Black Edition Sata, 3x 1T WD Green Edition sata's

PSU - OCZ Gold 1000w.. more than enough power


# will be on the PC doing something (surfing net, playing black ops, facebooking, youtubing) then the screen will go black.. to me it was just turned off.. but the pc is still on, it wasn't frozen because i could still talk to friends in Team-speak.. i tried everything to get it to work ( turning the screen on/off again, sourcing to a different HDMI port and even tried DVI no use.. the only thing that worked was a restart via restart button.. and would go back to normal for another period of time.

# i get afew errors on my desktop when i login.. sorry i cant remember these errors to the T i'm not on my new PC atm... a few are - a little window that has something on the lines of some exe not having any digital sign, another little window saying something about USB3

# will install programs such as Catalyst Control Centre, itunes, firefox, heaven benchmark 2.0, 3dMark 2011 and TeamSpeak and they will all work only once and then ill try and reopen them and they would come up with alot of errors saying files are missing and all that jazz... bit weird really

any help i would be a huge step forward for me, i have a big LAN to play at on the weekend haha

Cheers, Jamie


Jul 14, 2006
Try reinstall drivers for mainboard and GPU and try look in eventlog if there are any issues registered st time you got this problem.

I have sometime problem with mine display going black, but that's more issue with GPU probably going to sleep and unable to reinitialize display correctly, restart or disconnectiong DVI cable and reconecting it back wakes it up. Maybe you can try if same helps.