Question New PC Randomly Shutting off


Nov 7, 2012
Here's the build:
In addition to the build I have this connected to it:
I do have a USB outlet nearby so if it's due to power, I could just use this amazon light on that since it's not configured by any software at all.
The extension cord the PC is connected is a small 5 slot one where both monitors and a nintendo switch is connected to as well.

I have a HardwareMonitor report file, but upon checking, nothing is overheating or exceeds 64 degrees celsius. The PC crashes randomly. I can game for hours and nothing happens, then when I go afk or just browsing the web, it crashes. It's a brand new PC and it was working perfectly for the past 2 weeks until yesterday. I thought maybe windows updated automatically or a loose wire, so I made sure all the wires were tight. Until today, it just happened to me. I checked event viewer and it shows Error 41 kernel power. I don't think that gives me much information.

Steps I've taken:
-Ensure Wires are tight
-Replace PC Power cable (I believe my dog might've chewed the other cable because she went behind the desk once, she did bite the cable but the teeth marks are tiny and I didnt see any holds/damage to the wire upon inspected. There are small teeth marks, but it didn't break through the wire itself. I blocked off the area behind my desk so she can't get back there.
-Ensure software is updated for GPU / BIOS
Thanks in advanced.