Aug 31, 2011
I recently purchased a new computer but whenever I play a game my computer shuts down. My computer doesn't overheat so I think that my power supply is the problem. I now have a 750 watts psu, is this enough? Please help, I'm desperate !!!!!!

Processor : AMD Phenom II x6 1090t
Motherboard : ASRock M3N78D
RAM : Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) PC3-10666 1333Mhz
Graphics Card : ASUS GTX 590 3GB
HDD : Seagate 1TB SATA3 ST31000524AS 7200 32mb
Case : Recom Powerstation Evo
CPU Cooler : Antec Kühler h2o 620
PSU : combat power cp 750W
OS : Windows 7 home premium 64 bit


May 26, 2011
Looks to me like you just got a nice new computer, so I would recommend a Seasonic, Antec, or Corsair, those are among the better brands, and I think 750 watts should be fine... though I'm not too familiar with all the components to say for sure.


Nov 13, 2008
Just stating that you have a 750W PSU doesn't mean a heck of a lot, you need to list the rest of the specs - number of +12v rails, amperage ratings, efficiency, etc. I don't know where you're from, but "Combat" is not a recognizable brand name. I found it doing quick google search - made by Inter-Tech? It has passive PFC (not active), it's NOT 80 plus rated (low efficiency), & has four +12v rails at 20A each (a single high amperage +12v rail is better). Unfortunately for you, it gets bad reviews. Replace it with a decent name brand unit & prepare to pay a good buck. Quailty costs money & the PSU is NOT the place to be cutting corners.
A 750 Watt PSU should be Plenty as Total system power should be around 146 W idle and loaded (Furmark) about 445 Watts. Any 750 W PSU multirail PSU will have enough Power on +12 V rails - Make that should have and will list enough - The Problem is that Poor PSU may only provide 50->60 % of rated values!!!
As above, Not a warm Fuzzy on YOUR psu (see 2nd link below).
Power Consumption Results: The ASUS GeForce GTX 590 really isn't that much of a power hog as we saw our test system with that card installed pull 445W of power from the wall. Not bad for a complete system and well below the suggested 700W power supply suggestion from NVIDIA.
End Quote

Now about your Specific PSU.
Was hard to find reviews, most in german. What I did find left me feeling as though this PSU would be better used as a Door stop than in a computer. Just google the PSU and look for reviews.
Here is One::

To check the PSU.
Use a program to Monitor your Voltages (I use HWMonitor - If MB came with a utitliy that should work also). Down load and run Furmark in a window and monitor your +12V. Min Spec for the +12V is 11.4, but I prefer 11.6 as a min value.

If no problem with voltages, then down load prime95 and run it for 4->8 Hours to verify cpu/memory stability. CAUTION. for the 1st 15 minutes monitor your temps closely as this heats up the CPU more than games will. If confortable with themps after 15 minutes can leave and just periodically check.
PS I recommend doing this on any system.


I know nothing about your PSU but found this review - although I also know nothing about the reviewer other than it presents no test data or facts - just impressions:

PSUs are one place you DON'T want to go cheap. Remember all the components in your system are dependent on it. Moreover, it goes beyond power as we normally think of it for equipment. In a PC, the power, precisely stepped down into very fine, minute amounts, is the lifeblood and neurons of the system, carrying millions of bits of data and driving hundreds of thousands of almost simultaneous calculations. You need good, clean power to make it all work. And a PSU that delivers it constantly, hour after hour, day after day, year after year. Billions and billions of calculations all dependent on clean power. In addition a bad power supply can fry the video card and other components.

Another possiible source for your problem could be memory. Did you run memtest for at least 8 hours to test it? Its possible that you PC is running fine with low demands on memory, but when a game loads up the "back end" of the memory stack it runs into a problem.
Power consumption should come in around 650w. A quality 750w power supply should be plenty good to not be a problem. I searched for reviews on your CP 750w (had to use google translate) and one reviewer was only able to get 650w in a performance test. You could very well be bumping up against a power issue. You may want to see if you can get another PSU to test with...

On a different note... The X6 1090T is probably bottlenecking your GTX 590 if at stock speeds. Are you overclocked? If not, you would see a pretty big bump in performance going from the stock 3.2GHz to 3.8+ GHz. You will need an aftermarket CPU cooler to keep temps in check.