Jun 22, 2009
Here is what I got:
Antec 902 Case
Asus P6T Deluxe V2
2x EVGA 986-P3-1257-AR GeForce GTX 260
Antec TruePower TP-750
Intel Core i7 920
Corsair Dominator GT 6GB (TR3X6G2000C8GTF)
Sony 24X DVD/CD-RW
WD 160Gb and 500Gb SATA Drives

Saturday I had the machine built and was playing CoD that came with the graphics cards. About 30 minutes in the machine froze. It took two hours to reboot, I ended up pulling and reseating all the components and something there seemed to clear the issue. During that time though I had messages about the bootmgr being corrupt, the BIOS faulted, and the ExpressGate not being installed properly. Once things started working again though everything started working. I did update the BIOS at that time, thinking I had encountered some strange issue with that.

I had not at that point clocked my RAM to what it should be and tried to do so using the XMP, this led to failures to post. So I downclocked to 1600 and things seemed to work fine. I even ran three hours of memtest at 1866 with no errors. I'm not overclocking beyond that and all the BIOS settings for everything else are set to Auto. I did turn off the auto-OC'ing of the i7 as it seemed to be running too hot, I even went out and got some thermal paste to be able to reseat the heatsink thinking that was the problem, but my temps still hang between 40-65C. It hits 80C+ running Intel Burn Test and 75C using Prime. Intel Burn Test fails after a few runs saying that I have system instability. Also if I run TrueTemp (I think thats the name, writing this off of memory at the moment) the third temp reader seems to always be 5+C hotter than the other cores. I was able to play the Crysis demo, Warcraft, and the new Ghostbusters game a bit yesterday with no crashes though IBT does cause my machine to BSOD.

I just bought all of these components from Newegg, so I'm still within an RMA window. Do you think I need to start returning items? Everything?

I've been out of the PC build loop for awhile so I do not have another machine that I can use to figure out what might be causing the issues. Any suggestions on what I can do myself would be great. I've been told it could be the PSU, motherboard, memory, or CPU. I was also told that 750W might not be enough though when I was planning this out one of the PSU calculators only recommended 450W, so I figured 750W would be more than enough.



Apr 17, 2009
I think your power supply may have problems. Have you managed to eliminate certain components as not faulty?

Also, PSU calaculators already place an allowance. So you can try a 500W power supply only.