Question New PC will not start

Mar 2, 2020
Hey all. I’m new to the world of PC building, having just built a custom computer in November. Everything has been working properly and I just upgraded my GPU in January with no issues until recently.
Before leaving for work the other day I turned my computer off, with no issues present to my knowledge. However when I got back from work I started my computer, the fans started for a split second, the LED’s on my keyboard turned on, then everything turned off immediately. I have since reseated all my power cords, checked my PSU for damage, and tried to turn the computer on only to have the same thing happen again. The Debug leds on the motherboard are no help as they quickly all light up and turn off with the rest of the computer.
I’m at a loss for what’s happening here as I don’t think the PSU would be worn out already.
Included is my parts list.
Parts List
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I think it's best to start troubleshooting. The PSU or the motherboard is the most likely cause here according to my experience. Good PSUs rarely fail but in some instances, they can fail. Also, pay attention to the case button, in one instance I had this problem caused by a sticky power button.