Question New PC with windows/sound/slow mouse return problem at startup and other

Oct 25, 2019
Hello everyone

My problems are quite numerous and long so I will try to make it as short as possible.

I recently purchased a PC (2 weeks ago Ryzen 5 3600/tomahawk max/vega 64/850w PSU/16Go ram ddr4 3200mhz).

Everything seemed to work perfectly no loss of fps in game everything looked correct. The temperatures also GPU 65-70C max and the CPU with the basic FAN was at 80c (it seems to me that all my drivers were up to date and the bios too I'm not sure about that) So I decided to buy a fanrad for my CPU that I installed before yesterday (it was quite complicated) and it's since that day that the problems started it seems to me, I don't remember having any other problems during this week with my basic FAN.

So to start when I turn on my PC, my mouse is very jerky/movements followed very slow and the sound when I launch a video on the net is horrible a kind of jerky buzzatting and the sound seems slowed down as if the whole system was slowed down if I don't open AMD Wattman/radeon setting otherwise the pc stays slow and the sound always the same.
When I play with friends I had from time to time my whole system that freezes the sound with it for 1 second and restarts as if nothing had happened.
So I had fun making Windows returns and my PC at each Windows return on the desktop slows down or slightly freezes for 0.5-1 second and in voice call my vocal bug whether it is when I speak my mates hear me in jerky and me too when they speak when I repeat ALT/TAB frequently.
Similarly with music/video in the background when I spam the desktop Windows/returns to the game my sound stops for 1 second and starts again and my game takes time to start again it lags and takes 1 to 2 seconds to resume these original FPS.

Tired of all this I decided to reset my PC, it seemed to have corrected the slowness of the mouse and the buzzatage/saccade of the sound at startup I restarted 2-3 times to see if it worked and it looked like it was good no jerky sounds or mouse/slow system. But the problem with discord voice discussions or sound when I do ingame "full screen" windows returns hasn't changed, every time I return windows the pc takes 1 second to be fluid.

I'm really lost i'm even getting paranoid I really feel like I broke my CPU or motherboard when I installed my CPU Cooler but it can come from anywhere.
I tried everything I had in mind, the PC doesn't seem to have any problems in normal use everything works normally and no problems in game ''windowed without borders''.
So I tried to reset it again and install the drivers one by one while launching a video in the background:
_Graphics card driver (Sound freezes for 1-2 seconds when I press the''Install'' key) but no major problems but does not fix anything always the same problem.
_I continue one by one without any problems or corrections.
_Up to two ATA/ATAPI IDE Controllers (standard AHCI SATA Controller)
And this is the tragedy when I restart my computer I have all the problems mentioned:
_Problem of mouse slowness at startup and system slowed down with its jerky sound.
_the sound that slips and mutes when I return windows in game.
_the windows returns in game that make the PC lag for 1 second.
_from time to time freezes in play.

The problem doesn't seem to come from my graphics card or my Power Supply and ram, I really don't know where it can come from that's why I really need help.
If no one has a solution for me I still have until November 7 to send my proc and my MOBO back to amazon do you think I should not hesitate?

I thank you in advance to those who took the time to read this novel and I am really sorry for my bad English

EDIT: After another reset I updated windows in 1903, updating all my drivers with driver booster, graphic and other... while unchecking the 2 controllers.
Try to launch a youtube video and launch a game in full screen and then make windows returns, slowdowns at the desktop returns seem to be fixed and the sound that mutes during windows returns are much less frequent, sometimes it does that to me but it's really less frequent when I spam the ALT/TAB but always a little bit. In voice with friends I also tried it seems to be minimal but always the sound is slightly muted and the sound of my voice is much less drastically muted than before I specify that I SPAM ALT/TAB. When I do it just once at 2 second intervals it does it to me but it's very, very light.
It still leaves me with a bitter taste I don't know what to do and where it comes from.
Oct 25, 2019
Anyone ? :(

i want to edit a little bit, when i start a test with OCCT in power, my pc crash directly and i have to retire the cable, turn off my PSU, push my open button a few second and replug-in
I also have a CPU problem it happens to reach the 4.2(4.175) in idle or when I watch some videos but in game it reaches 4.0(3.925/4.025) the temperatures are honest with pick at 70-72C and when I test it with OCCT at 100% it only reaches 3.8/3.875 at 77C
When I test them individually no problem just the CPU problem, I saw that many had this problem of ryzen that did not boost to that speed normally indicated with the B450 tomahawk max or not max
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