New PC won't start

Feb 2, 2019
Hey guys I need help. I bought all new components for PC except PSU.
My config:
Asus x470 Pro
Ryzen 7 2700
MSI GTX 1070
PSU-Thermaltake litepower 650W
16GB Corsair Vengeance
And I connected all but I didn't have 8 pin cable for my motherboard, I had 2 4 pin connectors so I made one 8 pin connector using PCI-E cable from modular power supply. And when I don't connect that 8 pin evertyhing starts, fans start spinning and motherboard starts to glow, but there isn't anything showing on my monitor. But when I plug the 8 pin in and press the power switch, LED next to power switch glows for a second and nothing, it won't even start. Is there peoblem with my CPU or something or is there problem with PSU and 8 pin connector I made? I will try later today with friends supply.