new pc


Apr 16, 2003
so it's been awhile... here's my new rig

new parts:
amd a64 3200+ (skimped to save money) retail
asus a8n-sli
corsair pc3200c2 512mb x 2 (skimped from 2g)
pcie gf6600gt (skimped from 6800)
nec/mitsubishi 2070sb-bk

lian-li pc60
wd wd1200 8mb 7200 x 2
lite-on 16x dvd
lite-on 52x24x52 cdr
antec tru550
linksys 54g wireless

had to replace monitor this time unfortunetly or i could have gotten a real screamer, this should cut it till i can get a new job though. Figure bout 3mo i'll pick up another 6600gt and 6-8mo ill upgrade the chip, then bang out two 6800 ultras when they get a bit more commonplace and replace the ram with 2g and pass down the excess parts to family... they'll be happy ;)

edit: it's a 90n chip. not a 130n.

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Aug 2, 2002
Not bad! But by the time SLi based GPU will become more common, the next generation GPU will be out, and it will not be worth an upgrade...

SLi is a buzzword, but I don't think the benefits are there. The only real benefit is if you have the money to buy today 2 6800 ULTRA Video Cards. Because 2 6600 don't beat a 6800 in SLi and they cost more...

And don't forget that a Video Card you buy today will probably need another identical Video Card to enable SLi... Will you be able to find a second identical card in 3-6 months?

And as I mentionned earlier if the GeForce 7000 series or the next Radeon come out and beat the performance of SLi setup... What will you do? Get another board anyway or buy a next-gen GPU?

The good thing about SLi based MB, is that they have 2 PCI-EXPRESS 16x slot (actuall 8x + 8x) which is good for 2 GPU with multi-display support. Think about it, 2 dual output GPU = 4 monitor, a thing that will be very appreciated in some domain : video editing, financial analysis, security, audio production, etc...

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