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Dec 3, 2022

Im building a new PC and would like your help.

1) Observations:
  • Latest pc i built was like 10 years ago, so im a bit concerned about the cooler needed for todays mainstream pc.
  • dont care about RGB lol
  • Would like WIFI (not necesarily the latest WIFI6E blabla...) and bluetooth
  • not a hardcore OC fan, just XMP (2,3 whatever is needed to reach DDR5 6400 CL 32 )
  • yes worry about high temps
  • not worry about energy consumption
  • is it possible to have the 4 RAM slots to work properly? (read aticles where in some mobos only 2 work)
2) What i want the pc for:
  • playing games (not necesarilly 4k). Good fps.
  • data analysis (for work). i dont render not edit videos (but maybe i would like to lend my pc to people who may do it)
  • watching movies (like a good sound) -> i always used analog, should it be better HDMI noawadays?
3) Onto the build:

3.1) what i want to define 1st:

CPU : Intel Core i7-13700K 3.4 GHz 16-Core Processor
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z5 Series (Intel XMP) 32GB (2 x 16GB) SDRAM DDR5 6400 CL32-39-102
Motherboard: (a good Z790 DDR5, ATX or eATX, Good sound, maybe HDMI?)
CPU Cooler: (Please, be kind in your advice here...)
PC Case: (whichever fits a GPU RTX 3080 or 4080 size). Would love to have space and good arrangement

3.2) what i want to define 2nd:

Storage: SSD M.2 Samsung 980 PRO 1TB PCIe NVMe Gen4 (1 or 2 pcs, maybe 2 TB)
GPU: i think RTX 3080 should be plenty, maybe RTX 4080 (16 gb) next year...
GPU Cooler: ¿does it exist?¿is it needed?
Monitor: preferably for 4k with good fps (im not a gamer nor a streamer lol). ¿monitor should have speakers for HDMI to work? ¿what if i wants a 5.1 ?
Speakers: (analog or HDMI?)

Many thanks for your time and inputs :)



You are mostly there already....

As to speakers/motherboard, I would certainly take a look at what you want for the speakers and how they connect. Often HDMI is going to be direct to a monitor with built in speakers that is often poor in sound quality. The option for that would be to run through a receiver or "powered" set of speakers/amp. There are loads of good 3.5mm jack/analog speakers out at a variety of price points.

For the motherboard, pick the one that offers the rear headers you want and expansion options/capabilities that you like. If you aren't worried about OC much then pretty much any Z chipset should be an acceptable solution, but would investigate it's XMP capabilities.

As to a cooler, for something like this I would be thinking Dark Rock 4 or Noctua for air. You will want to consider case parameters in regard to what you see and like. When you pick your GPU check its size and fitment for the case. Do the same for cooler height and RAM height in relation to the cooler choice.

edit- and pick a good PSU, HX1000, etc. level, particularly in light to desire to swap out towards 4090 upcoming.
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