Dec 7, 2012
I am starting my first pc build which will mostly be used for Starcraft 2, Planetside 2, XCOM and some recording with fraps. This is the build that i thought off so far:

CPU - i5-3570k
Motherboard - msi z77a - g45
RAM - 4x4gb mushkin Blackline 1600mhz, cas9
GPU - Saphire 7870 ghz edition
cpu cooler - Corrsair H60
hard disk - mushkin deluxe ssd 120gb, caviar blue 1tb 7k rpm
case - BitFenix merc alpha
psu - COOLER MASTER GX Lite 700W

My questions are: 1.) Should I get a faster memmory (1866mhz or 2133mhz)?
2.) Should i stick with the H60 or get a Nouctua D14?
3.) Any other things that you think i should change feel free to comment
I recommend antec, corsair, ocz, seasonic, enermax power supplies over cooler master. Their rated more accurately under load. Intel boards run memory at either 1333 or 1600; faster ram won't benefit performance. For the ps, 550-650w in one of my recommended brands should work fine. Look for 40+ amps on the 12v rail.