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New power supply makes no noise, but


Jul 29, 2006
in HW monitor the 12 volt rail says 11.77, while measuring the voltage on one of the connector wit ha DMM it said 12.11V, it is supposedly one rail for the 12 volt, is HWmonitor just not accurate?

The graphics card still makes a very quiet barely audible sound when rendering, but not a shaky buzz sound like the older psu did. I would think 800 Watt is plenty for a one vid card system. A total of 5 fans not including the one on the vidcard and psu.

Windows 7 64 bit

Asus p7F7 Supercomputer with Xeon X3450 2.66 Ghz (bios revision 602) Has two 120 fans on the large heatsink.

8 GB of Kingston 1333 ECC
EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 Ti

138 GB WD Hard drive (OS, partitioned to 7 and XP)
650 GB Hitachi (Data)
Some Sony DVD/CD burner

CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 800W

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