New Power supply shows new problems

Jan 17, 2019
About a week ago I was on my computer just on the internet, when my whole system died. No power, nothing cannot boot fans do not soon and a bad time Al around.

At first I thought it was a power cut but it wasn't as nothing else in the house was affected.

Regardless nothing is being my computer back from the dead so I figure it has to the PSU. So I got a replacement and hook everything up.

Before I close everything up I decide to test it and as soon as it has power it starts and stops maybe 5/6 times without me touching anything, I didn't even push the power button to turn it on.
I disconnect and go back through all my connections, and everything is fine so I try again and it goes fine for a few minutes so I turn it off and close it up reconnect my screen and power, and dead. Just completely dead again, no lights no fans and no ideas. At this point I'm thinking it has to be my motherboard? But any insight would be helpful