Question New printer or just new cartridges?

Feb 21, 2019

We have a had a color laser printer HP M252dw for about two years. Shortly after we bought it, the printer ran out of ink and we bought some NOT original cartridges. Those were of poor quality - very soon there was some color-dirt on the paper. Later we found another supplier of NOT original cartridges, and it seemed like it was of a higher quality and things got much better. However, at some point one color cartridge began to "put dirt" on the paper such that there are vertical lines on all pages. That cartridge was replaced, and then the other color cartridge did the same, and then the third one. So, thinking back we had too much trouble with the printer, and there were too few periods with perfect white paper. So, the question now is whether we should buy a new printer or somehow clean the current one and get new cartridges. So, the questions are:

  1. Can the printer itself be somehow damaged by not original cartridges of bad quality? If yes, then we will go for a new printer and if no, then we will go for new cartridges.
  2. What is the reason of the problems that we have? Is this a normal case when buying not original cartridges or were we just unlucky with both suppliers?
Here are some pictures:
Picture 1

Thanks a lot!


It's a combination of several things, you have the cheap cartridges leaking toner in the printer, so it would be getting on the fuser, on other parts, on the rollers, etc..

New good cartridges would stop any further damage, but you may still have issues until you take it apart and clean it. Really no way to tell exactly without trying them, or just take the loss and replace it if you don't want to gamble. At least if you buy the cartridges and can't clean it up to get it normal, you can always look for the same model good printer and re-use the cartridges.

Normally laser printer aftermarket stuff is better quality than the inkjet, but it can be hard to find a good brand. When I worked for a tax company, we bought a lot of re-manufactured toner cartridges, and did lose some printers over the years due to them leaking all over the place. But we are talking a company that buys hundreds of toners a month and has several thousand printers, it was more cost effective to replace a dozen printers a year than to buy the original toner. Just my area as a tech lead had over 70 offices in two states, and each had at least two printers.