Question New PSU but No Video Signal to Monitor

Apr 7, 2019
Hi Please Help. I bought a new EVGA 450BT and installed it to my Home Desktop because im doing a little project and turn it into a gaming desktop. My Desktop is Dell Inspiron 3847. I carefully connected all Wires into my motherboard which is 24pin, 4pin, hard drive, optical drive. But there is still no signal to my monitor. I cleared the cmos but nothing happened. I checked if all wires are correctly attached but nothing happened. I reattached my old psu and everything was fine, so its not my vga/hdmi wires or my monitor. Please Help
Do you have a GPU? If so, does it require external 6 or 8 pin power? Did you plug that in?

Did you make sure to not use the "EPS" plug for the GPU? (that's for the CPU/mobo). The power cable for the GPU should say ATX or similar.

Edit: actually, on your unit, the CPU and VGA power cables say CPU and VGA respectively. Does your GPU have a 6 or 8 pin power plug?