Question New PSU for my build?

Sep 11, 2020
Hi i am looking to upgrade my PSU because I was told it could be the issue my PC is having with randomly freezing and restarting all the time. Its going to be going in a gaming pc, do you guys have any suggestions? I have put my specs below.

rtx 2060 6gb
BE QUIET Dark Rock 4 cooler
32gb 3200mhz gskill tridentz ram
Corsair VS650W power supply
Crucial MX500 500gb ssd (where windows is installed)
Seagate barracuda 1tb hdd
ASRock B360M Xtreme Motherboard

I was told the one I have got now is apparently not good for gaming and is prone to failing after a while. I was also looking at upgrading to the new rtx 3070 after a while. Do you guys have any suggestions for a PSU that would last me a long time and not start having issues like mine?

Thanks in advance.
Even though the newer VS line with the grey label is not nearly as bad as the old orange label, it's still a low quality unit.

A cheap PSU like the VS650 isn't a good fit for a mid-high end build like yours.

Even with the future GPU upgrade I consider 650W still being enough. You could go with a 750W unit if you feel like you want some more OCing headroom.

These are the units I'll recommend:

Corsair: TXM or RMx
Seasonic: FOCUS GX/GM, Prime
EVGA: Supernova G2/G3
Superflower: Leadex II/III
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