New psu, not a simple thing...


Jan 17, 2005
I have to buy a new power supply unit and would appreciate some information on what brand to look for (and watch out for) and also how I can figure out how powerful it should be.


Apr 7, 2005
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This is a calculator for power supplies.
Somebody recommended the 500W Fortron for $90 at newegg.
I was looking in the newegg website and I found a 480W Thermaltake for $56 but I don't know how good the Thermaltake PSUs are. If someone replies to my post I'll let you know


Apr 26, 2005
I keep hearing the fortron 500W is pretty good. Enermax is good as well. Somewhere in these posts is a chart that tells you the good brands, but i can't seem to recall exactly where i saw it.


Feb 22, 2001
Keep in mind that PSU vendors don't tell you what internal temperature they measure the specs at, and the reviewers like Tom's Hardware never question this major deception. The vendor exception is PC Power & Cooling (I am not affiliated in any way with PCP&C), see their web site. The reviewer exception is Maximum PC, see their web site. Max PC rates PCP&C as #1 and uses only that brand in their annual Ultimate PC because only it provide honest power at realistic temperatures. It is presumed that PSU vendors rate their products at 25C, but in reality the internal temperature can easily be up around 40C, at which almost all PSUs are down to about half their claimed power. Most people seem to focus on glitz like lighted fans and whatnot, ignoring the fundamental issues.

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May 19, 2001
Right on the money Doug. As a PCP&C TC 510 owner (I also am not affiliated in any way with PCP&C) I can personally vouch for the power, stability, and quality of their PSU's. But many people don't want to hear about it, mostly because they don't want to PAY for the best. Here you hear all about Enermx, FSP, Antec and the like. All good brands with solid reputations. But they're not in the same league with PCP&C or Zippy (for that matter) for all the reasons you stated and more (how about 1% voltage regulation, .99 PFC, 38A peak +12v output, and a full 5 year warranty). PC Power & Cooling's excellent reputation speaks for itself.

People (all over the net, not just here at THG) want to spend as little as possible on the most important component in their pc and sometimes expect to be able to push it as hard as they want without any problems.
While I too seek value in everything I buy, I have realistic expectations and understand all to well the old "You get what you pay for" principal.

You want to buy that pretty $55 Aspire "ATX 500 P4 Aluminum Power Supply, w/See-Through Clear Acrylic Cover (Fire Resistant Material), w/2 x 8cm UV Blue Fan w/Blue Led Lights, Multi-Color Coated Components & PC Board, Green UV Sensitive Wiresleeve & Connectors, w/Fan Speed Adjuster, w/ I/O Switch , Cable-Tube-Tied Wires for Neatness, w/Gift Box," go ahead. Knock yourself out. It may work fine for you depending on your config. Then again it may blow a big cap and burst into flames on you when you try to OC your shiny new rig.

Personally, I'm tired of the "Something for Nothing" mentality that is so pervasive in all of our everyday lives.

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Sep 17, 2004
Price performance ratio Fortron is a good choice. Some of the Thermaltake are better than others, I would probably look elsehere unless you were going to go overboard and get one in the 600W range then the TT680 is a very solid PSU. Antec also makes some very nice PSU's that are also very quite.

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May 7, 2005
Well, if you honestly think you'll be needing 600W... Of course I don't know how much of an overclocker you are, but unless you plan to overclock an SLI system, it might be a bit of overkill. I personally like Seasonics line of PSUs, the build quality is excellent, and they're quiet to boot (no, not fanless - quiet), which is something you'll come to appreciate in the long term. If your power requirements are high you could go for the 460W model.

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