Question New PSU unable to run properly with recommended RAM configuration (DIMM2+DIMM4) ?

Dec 12, 2020
Hello, I just bought Super Flower Leadex III 80+ Gold 650W, and setup on my PC, but sadly, It cannot run properly because of RAM placement :(
I tried multiple combination, but it only able to run properly when I put my Memory on DIMM3+DIMM4 only. As for my motherboard manual, I read and it said to put my RAM on DIMM2 first (recommended), but sadly it will not work with new PSU. Also my Fan Case is not spinning as well, only light On.

Previously I use Be Quiet! System Power 8 80+ Bronze 500W and everything run smoothly. I change my PSU because I just bought new GPU RTX 3060Ti.
Is this problem caused by my new PSU ? (Cannot refund sadly)
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Double check that the modular cables are in the proper ports at each end.
Possibly change them out where you can.
Do not confuse pcie 6+2 cables with 8 pin cpu cables.
It baffles me why a pair of slots will not work with a new psu when it apparently works with the old. I can only imagine that one of the 24 pin power pins is defective.
The psu is clearly defective. The unit has a 10 year warranty so you should be able to RMA the unit.

If you bought it used cheap, complain loudly and demand your money back.
If you bought on ebay, they will protect buyers.

While nvidia 3060ti specs recommend a 600w psu, that is for when you are also running a high powered 10900 class processor.
You are far from that with a 8400
The graphics card power is only 200w which an 8 pin power cable can deliver.
Your 500w psu even has 2 6+2 power leads.