New PSU & Windows Will Not Boot...


Apr 27, 2009
I just bought a Corsair AX750 PSU and now Windows 7 will not boot. After installing the PSU and powering on my PC for the first time, a blue screen with a message saying "Windows failed to boot due to new hardware" or something like that. All cables are plugged in tight and secure and the BIOS recognizes the newly installed hard drive.

So I then format the new hard drive and do a fresh new Windows 7 install, but the blue screen still appears with a windows failed to launch message and it crashes on the Windows logo.

After taking out the Corsair PSU and installing the old Ultra PSU that was previously installed, the blue screen message still appears. After countless new Win 7 installs on different hard drives, no luck, even with the old psu installed.

My current MOBO is a GigaByte EX58-UD3R with an Intel i7 920 Processor bougth way back when the first came out...

I'm praying its only a BIOS problem. I'm no expert in BIOS, but the Primary boot is the Hard Drive, Secondary is the cd rom and everything else is disabled. What else is there...

Do you think its a BIOS problem? MOBO or CPU Problem?

Please help

I'm thinking of just taking it to repair shops for a second opinion, but before I get ripped off I thought I'd ask around first...


Oct 3, 2010
Have you tried stripping down to bare essentials, 1 hdd, no CD/DVD, 1 stick of ram, no extra pci cards and stuff and seeing if that works? Try different sticks of ram as well.

Follow the link under my sig and go thru all the steps, only skip what doesn't apply. not what you figure you already checked. Check again, hopefully it's something simple. Can you update the bios or do you already have the latest version?


It sounds like you have multiple hard drives with windows installed on them and did not setup a multi-boot so the boot manager is getting confused. Remove all harddrives but the one you want to boot from and install it on sata port2-0 and your dvd drive on sata port 4 5 or 6. Disable the Gsata and floppy controller in the bios if you dont need them to free up their resources (irq, dma...) In fact, disable anything you dont use; like parallel ports & serial ports. Clear pci configuration data and then save and exit. Now try reinstalling 7 again. You can add in other hard drives later but you might want to delete the partions on them instead of just formatting them.



Hi - Is this the same mobo that the original Windows install was done on?
If you used an oem version(most of us do) of Windows you can only
reinstall it on the original mobo. Windows oem versions do not allow
an install on any mobo other than the 1st one.