Question New R7000 Netgear Making Internet SLOW??

Sep 21, 2019
So, i've just installed a new R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk router & my internet speed drops drastically?!

My crappy ISP router pushes out 900-1000 download constantly on
but when i plug in the R7000 it drops to around 300mbs?? This is through ethernet bear in mind, through wifi its 30mbs download from R7000

This is so odd? Ive contacted ISP and they said its nothing on there end, they let you use third party router if you wish and do not block any features or anything at all?

there internet test on there end is the same speed im getting with ISP provided router...

maybe im missing a setting in the R7000??

thanks guys
Reset the r7000 to factory and only configure the admin and wifi passwords. Do not set any of the other features.

There are many features in router that force the traffic to go through the CPU chip. To get high speed modern routers use a special hardware assisted NAT that bypasses the cpu.
That router has been tested by many reliable sites and can easily pass 900mbps wan-lan. It is very highly rated for performance in general.

I would try a firmware update but after that you start to suspect the router is defective in some way. Maybe try a different cable between the modem and router.

You have pretty much eliminated any settings issue when you run the factory defaults.


Jan 27, 2011
If using an aftermarket firmware like DDWRT on the R7000, it'll use cpu only NAT control and have a max throughput of around 300mbps. But if using factory firmware, it should have hardware NAT and get up to gigabit speed.

What modem are you using?? I had the same problem with comcast when I upgraded to gigabit internet. My speeds were locked to 300mbps. Turns out that even though my tplink modem is supposed to be capable of gigabit speed, comcast only had firmware for it that set it to 300mbps. This was a docsis 3.0 modem and comcast dictates what firmware is on it. It gets pushed automatically by them and you have no control over it. I ended up buying a motorola MB8600 Docsis 3.1 modem to solve my issue.