New RAID Controller: what is necessary to change RAID controllers on existing Windows OS drive?


Apr 14, 2012
I have a Windows 10 system and suspect a bad RAID controller. So I am swapping controllers. This is a RAID 1 setup, and old. I can't find the original brand/model.

I use Macrium Reflect to take disk images. It has both an option simply re-image, and the option to 'deploy to new hardware'. In the past, I had a problem where I put in a new array on the old card, and the machine would not boot because the array name from the Reflect Image was not character for character the same as the name I gave the new array in RAID bios. I was able to solve this, but it was a 'gotcha'.

Are there any other type of errors I should anticipate in the process of this changeover? For example, when I plug the old array into the new controller, is it possible the new controller will just look at it and say "nope, nothing here" or somesuch?

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