Question New RAM BSOD Memory Management but No Errors on MemTest

Aug 20, 2021
Hello, everyone. I just bought a new RAM for my laptop a couple days ago and it causing BSOD after 5 minutes of usage after installing. Below are the specs of my laptop, the new RAM I bought, and what I've done so far.

Laptop: ASUS A456URK
Processor: Intel i5-7200 2.50GHz (4 CPUs)
RAM : DDR4 4GB - 2133MHz
Graphic Cards: Intel On-Board and NVidia GeForce 930MX
New RAM: Kingston DDR4 4GB - 19200 / 2400MHz

What I've done so far:
  • MemTest86: No errors
  • mdsched: No errors
  • BIOS updated to the latest
  • All Graphic cards drivers updated to the latest
  • Chkdsk done no error result
  • SFC check done no error result
  • Cannot access XMP or RAM overclock because the BIOS can't allow it
The RAM was detected after installing, through BIOS and CPU-Z, but after around 5 minutes of usage (mainly internet browsing), BSOD Stop Code: Memory Management appears.

What should I do? I am hoping some experts to help me out here :)

why were you looking to change the original memory?

Cannot access XMP or RAM overclock because the BIOS can't allow it
BIOS is locked or just the XMP profiles are locked?

can you manually input specific memory manufacturer rated voltage, speed, timings?
if you cannot input the specific memory specs than it will just default to lowest speeds.
so there would be no point in using faster memory.
it causing BSOD after 5 minutes of usage
MemTest86: No errors
mdsched: No errors
can very well be that the board just does not support this specific memory.

there should be an upgrade option or something similar in the laptop manufacturer's product support pages that would specify the QualifiedVendorList(QVL).
or possibly they may link to a direct purchase option.
I was trying to add my RAM from 4GB to 8GB
this is more than likely the issue.
it is never recommended to mix sets of RAM.

even when using the exact same make\model with the exact same specs it often leads to issues like you are experiencing.
even if they do actually work together it will many times cause issues within the system like increased latency, data corruption, decreased performance, and other problems.

return the new stick and look for a compatible 2x 4GB or 2x 8GB kit.