Question New ram installed, laptop randomly shut down

May 11, 2020
I recently had installed a new ram for my laptop, and it randomly shut down after some time.

My Laptop Asus X550lc
i5-4200u 1.6ghz ~ 2.3ghz
4gb ram (soldered)
Newly installed ram Micron Ddr3l 1.35v 1600mhz.

However i had tried on other laptop, and it doesnt have this issue.


Jan 5, 2019
I am facing an exact same problem with my laptop HP Pavillion 15-n204tx

Intel Core i5-4200U
128 GB SSD plus 500 GB spinning HDD
Installed RAM - 4 GB PCL3 (Kingston)
New RAM - 4 GB PCL3 (Kingston) with exact same specifications

It is quite possible that I have a bad memory slot because I tried placing just one stick (tried both of them) on the slot 2, and my laptop just shuts off as if someone removed it's battery with a snap followed by reboot. This happens lot quicker when I start playing PUBG on Google Stadia. Tried changing positions, but it doesn't help.

I then tried with just one stick on slot 1 (tried both of them), and I literally kept my lappy "on" overnight and then played games on it in the morning for 3 days without any problems. That's how I know that my RAM sticks are good.

Also, I reseated my RAM quite a few times as shown in the video -
. But it doesn't do anything for me. I cleaned my RAM contacts using an eraser, again didn't help at all.

I thought that maybe somehow this is a power related problem, so I removed my spinning HDD, but that didn't help at all.

Should I then conclude that I have a bad memory slot? Or is there anything else I could try? I really want dual channel to work on my laptop and don't want to buy yet another 8 GB stick.

Edit: Found another video that kind of corroborates my fear.
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Remove the new ram from the laptop and then run memtest86 free version in the default 4 pass test, if you get errors your laptop needs to be repaired. If you dont get errors, place the new memory back in and run the test again. If you get errors, get the ram replaced with the place you bought it or through the manufacturer RMA process.