Mar 6, 2019
I have an old PC. Its built with intel DH55TC motherboard and i3 540 processor. 2 GB DDR3 1333 Mhz Ram and a generic Zebronic PSU. Now to upgrade this old machine i have bought a Corsair 450w PSU, Zotac GT 1030 GPU and SK hynix 4 GB DDR3 10600U Mhz.

The PSU and the GPU works fine i guess because i am able to boot the device after installing them. but after i install the new 4gb ram, along with the old 2gb, the pc does not start. All the fans (processor fan, gpu fan and the PSU fan) starts spinning for 2 or 3 secs and then stops. then starts again and then stops. this continues infinitely and there is no display.

I have tried using the new 4gb Ram alone but could not boot it same thing happens. it only works with my old 2gb ram. please let me know how to troubleshoot it. or help me find out if the Ram i bought is broken.