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Question New RAM, pc won't boot

Jun 23, 2020
Hello! Bought a Ryzen back in 2017, and I just picked up what I thought to be an identical 8GB RAM stick, though they are apparently different (newer version of GSkill Ripsaw, but same size/mhz). Here's the weird part - after installing the RAM, it booted up fine. Played games for hours, shut it down, and tried to turn it back on. Doesn't turn back on. Pulled out the stick, pc turned on. Did some research, apparently Ryzen builds (motherboards specifically) have some memory stability issues with new RAM. I increased the RAM voltage a tiny bit by .1, reinstalled the new RAM and it turned on just fine. However, turning on today didn't work - same issue. If it was a bad stick, you'd think it wouldn't work at all, but it did twice. Any help/suggestions? Bring up the voltage a bit more?


Mixing ram can cause issues like this and why ram are bought in sets. Things you could try though is up dram voltage a little more, ie 1.37v. Switch ram places. Change command rate to 2T. Relax primary timings a little, ie if timings were 16-18-18-38, try 18-18-18-40.