New Rig, BSoD hardware failure?


Jun 27, 2009
Hey guys I recently built my system with these parts.
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
GSkill PC2-8500 DDR21066 4gb Kit (Green)
EVGA GTX 260 Core 216
ModxStremPro 750 Watt Battery
Old Western Digital 80GB HDD

Right not this is my Essential Computer Parts, I also have Cd-ROM/DVDR drive installed with a floppydisk and 2 front USB panels. My friend gave me a version of Vista Ultimate. I install my essential from CD's, mobo, directx, adobe reader, graphics card, sound drive etc. Sometimes when I play spore I will get the Blue Screen of Death in the middle of it. I decided to use some programs to test my parts. First test on MEMTEST was 100% coverage 0 Errors. Then I used Prime95, and the system had no failures...decided to reformat for some weird reason and ran the stuff again. Memtest was getting errors nonstop now, (Running two of them at 1400 MB each). Decided to go and use Memtest86+ on boot and left it on over night both of the sticks of Ram passed 4 passes with 0 errors. Ran Prime95 again right now 2 of the 4 works have been stopped 23 minutes in.

What is the culprit from my BSoD?