New Rig: Can I use my previous HDD?


Aug 21, 2015
Hey guys!

Currently I have an AMD based rig with Windows 10 home on my SSD. However I also have a 2 terabyte hard drive with Windows 10 Pro on it as well from a different computer. The setup I am building will be utilizing an Intel based motherboard and the new i - 8700 k. I would really like to utilize my Windows 10 pro copy and license on my 250gb SSD when I finish building the new computer. Will it be possible?



It depends on how it is registered. Did you use same email address to register both copies? Go to this link - - and login to your Microsoft account and have a look at what devices are linked to your account. If the old PC which had Pro installed on it is still there, you can remove it from the license and use it on a new PC.

If Pro PC still exists and works, you can go to settings/update & security/activation and see how its activated now. If it says Windows is activated with a digital license then the license is still tied to PC, and can be attached to an email address by clicking the "Add an account" link on that page.

Activation works 2 ways, its either tied to the PC or its tied to an email address.

If it says Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account then it is already attached to your email address (or an email address) and should show on the link above.

If the old PC is no longer in operation, and it isn't showing on your account above, do you still have the license key? What you can do is after WIn 10 on is new PC, contact MS and explain what you did and they may move license for you.