New rig to play wow on max swettings


Oct 1, 2011
i am currently playin wow on a sony computer bought from best buy like 6 years back.i have upgraded to the max that the motherboard can do and am looking to build a rig rather then purchase from in store.I currently get between 10-12 FPS in a 25 man raid in wow on most fights.I do play at max res 1920x1080 with settings on low.I know i could increase my FPS by lowering my res but once u go full hd its hard to downgrade.My budget is between $800-$1000 I would like to build something that can play WoW at max settings while also be able to play battlefield 3 and maybe swtor on at least high settings.I could really use some suggestions and what to buy because i hear when u buy from sites like they overcharge u. <----- What country are you in, do you need an o/s (Windows 7), what is your monitors resolution, do you plan on over clocking, etc... Please copy and paste that on here. :)