Jun 17, 2011
So i just built me new computer and this is what i built

Mobo Asus Sabertooth 990fx
Processor AMD Phenom ii x6 1100t running @3.8
Ram 8Gb crosair ram running @1600
GPU Ause GeForce GTX 560 running OC at another 40MHz
HDD Seagate 1TB HDD
DVD Burner OEM Asus $20 burner
Case COOLER MASTER CM 690 II Advanced nVidia Edition

Over all it cost around 950 dollars and its been running great been playing the Alpha for BF and it runs 60fps all day.

I still need a good
Mice (any suggustions)
Keyboard (a good one)

So over all what do u guys like about my computer and do u like it at all


For mice:
Logitech G500 is pretty good, I have one of those and it works nicely.
Razer makes some good mice like the DeathAdder

AND if you are left handed there is also a left handed version of the Razer DeathAdder

Ergonomic: Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite $27.99
There are fancy new ones with all kinds of extra buttons, but people i know that use the original, swear by it that it's good for them.
And supposedly prevent carpal tunnel syndrome on their wrists :)

LITE-ON SK-9020 or something similar. The feel is closer to that of tha laptop and I personally like that feel so i have one like that on my work computer.

Then there is n+1 different vendors for regular keyboards. Keytronic is a solid brand if you are looking for just a regular keyboard.

Gaming keyboards:
Logitech G110 on the cheaper end. ~$60

Logitech obviously makes other keyboards as well, up to as fancy as solar powered wireless.
Got one of those too, but haven't set it up yet so can't tell if it's any good yet or not :)