New router decision to stream to blu ray player


Jul 14, 2012
Hi all

Low tech savvy guy here compared to most of you so bear with me please.

I have an older wireless router that I am looking to replace with an ASUS rt-n56u. I plan to also buy a new 3tb WD MyBook external HDD to plug into the usb to store movies and videos, and possibly a printer into the other USB port to be shared by all my devices.

My goal is to hook my LG570 Blu Ray player (wired) to the router as well to access from the bluray player and then to my tv to watch movies rather than the way i do it now, which is to drag my current external HDD into the living room and plug into the Blu ray player, or copy to flash drive and plug into the front.

I also have a wired desktop, XBOX 360(wired), 2 iPads, 3 iPhones, (2) Windows notebooks(wireless) that will use the network.

Am i correct in thinking that this router will achieve my goals?

Should work, although I question the practicality of connecting the blu-ray player over wire. Not unless the router is coincidentally close to the TV. For most ppl, this just isn’t the case and would require either wireless (perhaps using a wireless ethernet bridge), powerline, or MoCA .