Question New router time? Suggestions?


Mar 22, 2014
I have been experiencing DNS errors ever since I updated the firmware on my Nighthawk X6S router, only on ethernet side on multiple PCs....wireless seems fine. It usually connects after some time, but it is annoying. In addition, I cannot gain access to my router thru the app, because of forgotten password, and I have factory reset the router, to no avail. As this router is at least 4+ years old, I am thinking it is time.

I am considering an ASUS, as I have had good luck with their Mobos. I do a good deal of online gaming, and I guess I am looking for suggestions as far as model is concerned.....any suggestions? I game thru ethernet, but there are a BUNCH of wifi devices running in the house.
Thanks in advance!


Where are you located, what is your budget for a wireless router and what is your preferred site for purchase? You might want to also include the number of devices that the router will be tethered to(wired or wirelessly) as well as the sort of area(floor space) you'd like to gain coverage with the new router purchase.
My recommendation would be buy something cheap that will get you by for a year or so. Something like a $50 router that has a number between 1200-1750. It will likely perform as well as your current router unless you have very fancy end devices that have say 4 antenna.

What you really want to buy is wifi6e. Problem is it is still expensive and not a lot of device on the market. It is getting better and I suspect by end of next year the lower price manufactures will have models.

Wifi6e should be a massive improvement. It is not so much the technology because that is the same as wifi6 , it is all the new radio bandwidth on the 6g radio. The main problem with wifi is everyone stomps on each other signals and you only get a tiny fraction of speed. Wifi6e has enough bandwidth that you and your neighbors can each get a 160mhz block and still not stomp each other.