Question New router, wireless adapter keeps disconnecting from computer

Apr 2, 2021
I've just changed ISP's and they sent me a FRITZ! Box 7530 to use with the connection. I connected to the WiFi fine yesterday but for some reason today, my adapter keeps disconnecting not just from the WiFi but the PC as well... Windows keeps doing the device plugged in / out sound and it keeps appearing and reappearing in Network Adapters and Device Manager. It'll do this 20-30 times repeatedly and then finally settle down for a while before it starts again later. Everything was running fine yesterday and I never had this issue on my old router.

All other devices are working fine - iPads, Phones, Consoles, Laptops - It's just the desktop that is having issues.

Things I've checked
  • Router is on latest firmware
  • Network adapter (Netgear A6210) has latest drivers
  • All other drivers are up to date (chipset, GPU etc)
  • Checked for Viruses, Malware etc
Sadly running a cable isn't an option and powerline ethernet is a bit iffy too.

Anyone have any ideas? I would have thought a WiFi issue would have just stopped it connecting or something, but to actually force Windows to keep removing and re-adding it? Very strange!

OS: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
Mobo: MSI B350M Mortar
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 (OCed to 3.6GHz)
GPU: GeForce GTX 1060
Mar 26, 2021
Depend on distance. After a quick glance by default it’s in AC mode, and ac doesn’t go very far. But you can try going to device manager and changing the the Ethernet adapter settings in the properties menu. There should be some sort of 802.11 with letters at the end. If you even have 2.4 ghz signal or even wireless n being broadcasted from your router, than see if it will keep you connected. I have a linksys USB adapter that is ac.. but I had enough of it, especially since I have n adapter, and these USB adapters been nothing but problems for me, cause I’m always stuck not being able to look at the settings or change the settings. But after seeing that setting in the properties I was pissed, and now it’s a back up just in case my very odd set up. I’m forcing 4 mbps and it literally proof I’m tired of hearing about slow internet, when a lot of it has to deal with settings, signal strength, and the available bandwidth on the network. I made sure I never exceed 9.164 mbps, so when people have problems with 300 mbps.. it literally has nothing to do with me. My phone as we speak.. I will not let it exceed 2 mbps, and since the screen is small 480p is perfectly fast and looks perfectly fine, if I have trouble reading very small fonts on someone’s YouTube video with computer screens, 720p video is still fine and works properly. All downloads aren’t urgent and if I stay busy they will be done with no major concerns, knowing I have excellent signal. New set up goes up to about 40 mbps just like the n function on my AC adapter when I set it to N. The AC USB adapter went up to 124 mbps... but no... I never needed that.. and not going to need it, especially after simulating a 56k dial up modem. So try the N function, cause chances are you are out of range on AC. And that’s if the adapter is functioning properly.