Question New RTX 3060 TI stopped outputting signal ?

Oct 24, 2021
Recently I got a new GPU (RTX 3060 TI) and it was running fine but today I decided to to preinstall my windows but long story short I had to remove my CMOS battery. I think I tried to remove it while my PC was running and I might have removed the GPU from the PCI-e slot while running and now when I power my PC it doesn't output signal. Meanwhile the light on the GPU is on and the fans are spinning, it never had any smell of anything, no fried or burned cables. The GPU on the outside looks perfect, haven't opened it up because of the warranty seal. When I remove the GPU 8-pin connector and connect monitor to the motherboard, PC works fine.

I tried most of the things I saw on internet and I'm currently running the same setup but with my old GPU. Tomorrow morning I'm going to a friend to see if it will work from his setup. Meanwhile I'm open for any suggestions that could help, I really don't want to believe that I fried my GPU.