Question New RTX3070 Build with Gigabyte B550 Board is acting... Weird? Need some help/ advice.

Jun 23, 2021
Hello everyone,
I just finished building my first computer after getting my hands on a 3070. Here are the specs:

Mobo: Gigabyte B550
PCU: AMD Ryzen X5900
Ram: 32 - 2 sticks of Vision? Viper, Victory, IDK, something computer-bro aggressive.
1x SSD Samsung pro 1TB - in Program slot?
Windows: Windows 10 Pro
Power: 850 Watt
Cooling: Noctua 15-A? The large brown fan haha

Here are my issues:
- After being asleep for a while, the computer won't wake up. It's still on, but I can't do ANYTHING to pull it back off. I literally have to shut off the power.

- My audio driver ports are all out of whack. I can only hear out of one headphone (doesn't matter which headphones I attach.

- Some of my USB-c ports don't seem to register as USB-c. I'm using this computer for video editing. I know Mac-OS Extended drives won't register, but I can't even get my USB-C drives to pull up in order to format them, an issue I've never had before.

- My keyboard, doesn't matter really which one just acts... odd. I had a Bluetooth one that kept disconnecting, so I got a wired one and the keys stick or don't register. Again, seems to be ANY keyboard I plugin. I'm currently using the RAZR Blackwidow Lite.

After some digging, I've heard that these issues could be BIOS related, but could use some guiding hands.



Sounds like a whole lot of issues. Could very well be caused by the motherboard, since all problems can be linked to it.

The first issue is a little familiar, it could be a Windows thing, honestly. All other problems definitely seem like a motherboard or driver issue though. I'd try updating the BIOS like you mentioned. If it doesn't work you should contact Gigabyte support for assistance or your supplier to get a replacement.