New Ryzen 2600x build won't boot. No POST, no beeps. Should I RMA everything or just the board?


Apr 13, 2013
I have just completed a new Ryzen build and it won't POST. The specs are Ryzen 2600x, EVGA 650w PSU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Asus X470 Prime motherboard, GTX 770. All the components are new except the GPU which is from my old build. After I switch the power on, the case fans, CPU fan and GPU fans spin and the RGB lighting comes on, but there is no video on the monitor. For some reason, the X470 Prime has no mobo speaker included and no QLED lights, which seems very cheap from Asus. I used the speaker from my old PC. There are no beeps after I power it up. I have no idea why it won't boot. The only thing I could think of was that the CPU might have been damaged when I was installing the terribly-designed AMD stock cooler. I had to apply a great deal of force to get the screws to line up and screw in to the motherboard's backplate. I can.not see any bent pins on the CPU. Right now I can see no other option other than returning everything except the case. I bought the CPU and RAM from Amazon and the PSU and motherboard from Ebuyer. What should I do? This has been my first AMD build and it's been a terrible experience. I have never had a pc that wouldn't POST so I am in uncharted territory. Bottom line is it feels like I have spent a bunch of money for nothing.

Also I forgot to add I have been trying all day today and most of last night to get it to boot. No joy.


Jul 6, 2018

I had same mobo , but the ryzen 7 2700x and I had same issues upon arrival , everything would turn on fasn full blast etc , well my mobo was DOA , so they sent me a new one no issues since . mine had the same symptons, it seems this mobo has same issues when everybody orders it, cuz ive read a few posts on here , that everybody has same symptons I had. so if I had to guess, that wat it is ..

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