Question New Ryzen Build is Freezing randomly

Jan 9, 2019
Hey guys so I just decided to upgrade my build with a new Ryzen 5 2600x/MSI Gaming Pro Carbon x470/ Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB 3200mhz

the rest of my parts are used but worked well with my previouse Intel core i5-6600k & Asus strix z270-f

I did a fresh install, had no issues there along with flashing the BIOS to the latest version. Was also able to install the graohics drivers just fine for my GTX 1070.
The main issue where i am having the most problems is when i boot into windows i get occasional black screen flickers and mouse stutters. So i went into BIOS to increase the XMP profile from default (2133mhz) to 3200. After booting back up with higher speeds i am still getting freezes. I tried updating windows, installing all the drivers using Driver easy pro, and even lowered the RAM speed down to 2933mhz but no luck. i am just tempted to return my CPU and Motheboard for an Intel bundle since i also did a purchase of Ryzen 7 2700x with a Asus x470-f and had a whole other and similar issue with those parts as well.

Just wanted to see if anyone can help me out with this issue before i pull the trigger on returning the parts.


Apr 17, 2019
Did you do a clean install of Windows?
If not, I strongly recommend that you do.
Swapping your motherboard and CPU is a major hardware change and a fresh/clean install of Windows will guarantee that there are no leftover drivers from your previous Intel setup which can and probably will cause problems with your new AMD hardware.
Also check the Memory Compatibility List on your motherboard support page to see if your exact RAM kit model number is listed.
If it isn't, then your RAM may not run be able to at 3200 MHz.
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