Question New Samsung Q60T showing big area that never gets completely dark. Is this something that is covered under warranty?

Nov 5, 2020
The TV model number is: QE75Q60TAU

Picture of the problem:

The quality of the image might make it seem like an artifact of the picture, the line between dark/light is sharper than it looks here. It's most easily visible on the right side. The part that is brighter is shaped sort of like a trapezoid, with slightly curved edges. I think it might have been there out of the box, but I'm not entirely sure since I didn't notice it immediately. It's very noticeable on completely black scenes, it's discernable on dark scenes, and not at all visible on light scenes.

Is this a known issue for these TVs? Is it something that is covered under warranty? Is it liable to get worse over time? And finally, what exactly could be causing this problem?



I'd return it. Looks to be an excessive back light issue. It should not be that pronounced. Does it appear the same on all scenes that have black screens or just that menu screen?

And any LCD based TV with back lighting is going to have a less than uniform black level.