Question New Setup - Samsung Q80T & Sony STR DH590 - Audio Issues


Feb 10, 2014
Samsung Q80T 65", HDMI ARC to Sony STR-DH590 A/V receiver, with Klipsch stereo speakers for L/R channels and a (very old) Regent HT-391 5.1 home theater surround speakers attached

I have adjusted and tested every setting I can find for these components, on the TV, the receiver, and the surround system. Any tips, or even a "start from the beginning" step-by-step guide at this point, would be appreciated

Issue 1 - no rear audio from 5.1 or 5.2 media
  • rear speakers connected through Rocketfish kit
  • test tones from a/v calibration test DO come through on connected rear speakers
  • no rear audio, no matter what media - TV apps (YouTube, HBOMAX, etc), PS3 bluray or 1st Gen Fire TV(connected HDMI OUT>>>HDMI Switch>>>MediaBox HDMI IN on a/v rec)
Issue 2 - low audio output from sub
  • some sound, but low volume no matter what setting
  • old Phillips sub connected via RCA (L&R) Y-connector to SUB OUT on a/v receiver
  • tried both SUB OUT ports
Am I missing something? Or should I just return the Sony receiver and upgrade?